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Viewing File Size and Loading Information in Website Builder

With Website Builder, you can view information about the individual files used on your website, including the image files and HTML files. The size of your pages and the files that make up your website can affect the speed at which the pages of your Web site load in a browser. Use the file size information, as well as the estimated load times for the different connection speeds, to determine if you need to reduce your file sizes.

To View File Size and Loading Information

  1. Log in to your Website Builder account.
  2. If you are working in the Page Designer, click Exit Designer.
  3. From the Manage menu, select File Size/Loading Info.
  4. You can view the following:
    • File Size Indicator (colored icon) column - The color of the icon indicates if the file size is acceptable, approaching the recommended maximum size, or too large. The color legend is located beneath the table.
    • Page/File Name - Displays the name of the file or page.
    • Size column - Displays the size of the file.
    • 56K column - Displays the number of seconds it takes a browser to load the file using a 56K speed modem.
    • 128K column - Displays the number of seconds it takes a browser to load the file using a 128K speed modem.
  5. To expand the detail for a Web page, click the + sign next to the name of the page.
  6. To edit a page, click the Edit button.
  7. To delete a page or image, click the Delete button, and then click OK to confirm the deletion.

    Note: You cannot delete the Home page.

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