GoDaddy Office 365 說明


別名是特定電子郵件帳戶的替代名稱。 寄至別名的電子郵件會直接寄送到其設定的對應郵件信箱中。 您可以為相同的電子郵件帳戶設多個別名。

別名可用來表示公開的一般電子郵件地址。 例如,可為人資經理設定類似 的別名,放在公司網站及工力需求網站上。 如此一來,人資經理的個人電子郵件就不會公開。

  1. 登入「帳戶管理員」。
  2. 在 Office 365 電子郵件和生產力旁,按一下 [管理]
  3. 按一下您想新增電子郵件別名的電子郵件旁的 [設定] 圖示
  4. 按一下 [管理別名]
  5. NOTE: You must have Admin permissions to manage aliases.

  6. Log in to your Office 365 from GoDaddy account.
  7. Under email aliases, enter an alias for the primary email account.
    Email alias field
  8. If necessary, click the drop-down arrow next to the domain name, and select the domain name you want to use.

    NOTE: Office 365 includes its own domain, which typically appears in this dropdown along with your domain.

  9. Click Add.
  10. Add more aliases for this email address if you'd like. When you're done, click Save.

NOTE: Aliases are not mailboxes. Messages sent to your email alias will arrive in your primary email address inbox.

Using aliases in email marketing

Aliases are useful in email marketing. In fact, the only way to send an email from an alias is through an email marketing campaign.

Consider creating an alias for your email account, and use that alias along with your first name in the From Name and From Email fields. When customers reply to the email, replies will be delivered directly to your email inbox. You can also use the alias within the body of the email as a contact.

To learn more about email marketing, check out the GoDaddy Email Marketing overview.

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